• TikTok’s epic pumpkin head trend is back for Halloween 2022

    In 2021, TikTok users started wearing pumpkins on their heads, and this year the wave of fun has begun. October is here, it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit, and fun TikTok challenges are the perfect way to do just that. Carving a pumpkin is a cult activity, but gone are the days whe...
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  • Audi E-Tron uses old e-bike batteries on Indian roads

    Batteries in electric vehicles weaken over time and need to be replaced at the end of their life cycle. While some of the components of such batteries can be reused, some of them are dangerous and end up polluting the environment. Now, a Bangalore-based startup has come up with a plan to make the...
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  • Aidea’s AA Cargo E-Trike could change Japan’s food delivery rules

    Electric two- and three-wheelers are changing the way of life in several Asian and European countries. As a Filipino, I see these changes every day. Just recently my lunch was delivered to me by a guy on an e-bike, otherwise I would have been a petrol scooter driver or motorcyclist to handle the ...
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  • Tax credits in Thailand increase orders for 17,068 electric vehicles

    Buyers have ordered 17,068 electric motorcycles and cars with government tax breaks, the energy minister said. Energy Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Supattanapng Poonmichaow said the orders were confirmed by the National Electric Vehicle Policy Council at a meeting on Friday. (adsbygoogle = w...
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  • Electric Vehicle Company News March 2022

    Welcome to Electric Vehicle [EV] Newsletter for March 2022. March reported very strong global EV sales for February 2022, although February is usually a slow month. Sales in China, led by BYD, stand out again. In terms of EV market news, we are seeing more and more action from Western governments...
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  • “Is Boris taking a tuk-tuk this time?”… Comedian recalls Johnson’s last fun trip to India | Comedy

    In 2012, he rode a small bike around Mumbai, baffled by everyone but the Indian elite, who love the hip, clumsy Brits. Can this new visit compare the prime minister to Beyoncé? If you google Boris Johnson while surfing the internet in India, you will see a brilliant YouTube video showing him doin...
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  • DMU scientists show how electric vehicles and solar panels work together to meet energy needs in rural communities

    Researchers at De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester have shown that electric taxis combined with solar-powered microgrids can bring economic and environmental benefits to rural communities in the global South. An innovative research project led by DMU scientists Dr. Rupert Gammon and Dr. Mom...
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  • Transfer of Barishal cars to gas at low prices

    Demand for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Barisal has risen sharply in recent years, with many vehicles switching to this low-carbon fuel for cost-benefit reasons. After the completion of the first Hazi LPG gas station in early 2017, citizens began to use LPG as fuel for their cars. According t...
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  • Impact of the ban on the use of battery rickshaws in the districts

    Following the government’s decision to ban battery-powered rickshaws for a number of specific reasons, there is clearly a lack of preparation to rebuild these rickshaw drivers by creating alternative jobs. These rickshaw drivers have lost their only source of income, and the public is unha...
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  • Green energy solutions for lithium batteries, two wheeled vehicles and power exchange cabinets

    The electric scooter has always been a favorite vehicle of the public. In the past two years, it has been especially popular with the public, with high speed, convenience and small volume. However, there is also a problem that puzzles everyone, that is, the power is not as good as that of our mob...
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  • Jiaolong recreational vehicle has been upgraded and returned to glory.

    jiaolong upgraded recreational vehicle is upgraded on the original basis Qiangsheng leisure series Jiaolong electric vehicle has been upgraded and returned to glory.First, let’s take a look at the basic configuration of this car Continue the ultra silent sine wave motor and waterproof and a...
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  • An Asteroid with A Diameter Of About 1.77 Kilometers Will Pass The Earth

    Recently, many media released news that an asteroid with a diameter of about 1.77 kilometers will pass the earth this week, which will also be the largest asteroid close to the earth this year. Moreover, the asteroid runs very fast and can circle the earth in 45 minutes. What does that mean? This...
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